Somewhere deep in the Surrey hills, armed only with a laptop, a few choice records and a bucket load of creativity and ambition Peter Goebel, a.k.a. Arkaik, began his career within Drum and Bass.

Arkaik then moved to Shanghai and started making more dance floor orientated music. He completed tours of Australia, China, Europe, Japan and Taiwan. He had his debut release of Flexout Audio entitled ‘My Love EP’.

As a DJ, Arkaik has a formidable reputation. After spending over a decade perfecting his craft, Arkaik has played at some of the most prestigious events around the globe including Outlook Festival, Boomtown and Innovation in the Sun. Whilst residing in the UK, Arkaik frequently played at a number of prolific Drum and Bass events in and around Europe. Upon his arrival in China, Arkaik quickly became a resident for ‘Sweatshop’ one of China’s most prestigious and long standing Drum and Bass events and regularly plays in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing and Guangzhou.