From gospel choirs to basement raves, double bass to Drum and Bass; Charli Brix' skill set is as diverse as her output. Born in London and based in Bristol, Brix has spent the last five years embedding her name into the industry as a singer/songwriter, DJ and aspiring producer. Working as an editor at London's In-Reach Magazine as well as providing online content for revered Dutch PR company Signalfire, the scope of Charli's passion for music reaches far beyond the realms of performing. 

A resident DJ at Bristol's Shotgun Sessions, DJ and vocalist for her collaborative venture KCDC, the brain child of Brix, Collette Warren, Kyrist & Enada and front woman for her neo-soul collective Milk & Honey, Brix isn't content unless immersed in some form of creative endeavour. 2019 forecasts more live and acoustic sets, festival and international bookings, a solo EP, DJ sets and some of her most exciting collaborations to date.