Flexout Audio featured in UKF's 18 most exciting labels of 2018

We were extremely flattered to learn that UKF featured us in their top labels of 2018 alongside a large group of other record labels we massively aspire towards and admire.

Now we’re usually not the type of people who read these lists, we do this purely for the love and aren’t in it for the kudos, but to see Flexout Audio mentioned was an honour. This year, in 2018, we feel extremely happy with the work we’ve put out, from Monty’s smash ‘Temptation EP’, to the continuation of our beloved Core Various Artist EPs, and the conclusion of The Waves series.

In their words…

Flexout has done an exceptional job over the past five years of supporting new talent and bringing them to the much deserved spotlight. Focusing more on the darker, grittier side of drum & bass, 2018 has seen the release of new music from a wide array of artists on the label. Some personal favourites include Monty’s ‘Games’ featuring the ever lovely Charli Brix, Data 3’s ‘Tyrant’ EP, Fuj’s ‘Kinematic’, and Vorso’s remix of QZB’s ‘Heptine’.

One thing all of the London imprint’s releases have had in common is quality – their A&R department certainly know their shit – as well as a strong brand image. While some labels do find strength in diversity, Flexout has found its niche and is doing it well – constantly delivering the best in dark and sinister drum and bass. (Rhiannon McCarter)

We thank UKF for the recognition, and look forward to 2019 with great ambition! Let’s go!

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